Engaging Emerging Leaders For a

Promising career

Mo Hariri

Mo Hariri is a speaker, father, husband, and considered a go-to expert in understanding employees, what makes them tick, and how to inspire team members to perform at their best.

Serving as lead engineer for over a decade to various Forbes 100 companies, Mo’s unique blend of dialogue and ideation allows employees to embrace their core strengths within the context of company culture, motivating them to maximize their productivity and team performance.

Mo Mariri brings 10+ years of professional experience in teams, leadership programs, traditional corporate and startup cultures.

For Executive directors, planners, & managers.

When working with Mo, he will bring a fresh perspective on the employee experience, how to navigate your strengths, and deep workplace insight to ensure that your emerging student leaders will be informed on their most valuable asset...themselves.

Reasons why Mo is a good fit

If your organization wants to attract and retain top talent, learning their deepest desires, understanding their highest priorities as an employee, and being pinpointing how they communicate, will increase your chances of onboarding the best people. Mo provides insight in this area.

Organizations that want to maintain strong organizational structure and develop leaders to nurture company culture, they bring Mo in to speak/train on these components as well.

Streamlined, painless & simple booking process

Mo is highly collaborative and understands how to bridge the generational and perspective gap between leadership and millenial team members.

Work with mo today

As an event planner or executive decision maker, you are protective of who you bring into your company. Mo understands this and is highly collaborative to meet your overall goals of an event. Send a message or give us a call and we will do what we can to make the booking process as smooth as possible.